Health Awareness Program

DOCTOR PRASAD from India (Kerala) is now practicing in Varkala, Kerala. Qualified Naturopath, Yoga master, Energy healer, Psychotherapist conducting various alternative therapies and various health awareness classes.
*PhD in Yoga
*Master in Yoga & Naturopathy
*Post Graduation in Yoga & Naturopathy
*Diploma in Yoga & Nature cure
*Diploma in Ayurvedic Panchakarma
*Diploma in psychotherapy


* Ayurvedic healthy lifestyle
* Self-healing and psychic self-defense
* Facial Yoga
* Mudra Healing
* Laughter Yoga
* Mantra Yoga
* Yoga Therapy (weight loss, thyroid disorder, migraine, stress, female problems, sinusitis, blood pressure, asthma, nervous disorder, insomnia, sexual disorders, etc.)

* Natural treatments:

– Water therapy
– Sun treatment
– Various herbal treatments
– Various types of compresses
– Mud therapy
– Traditional treatments
– Herbal Therapy

*Ayurvedic cooking class

* Ayurvedic treatments:

-Ayurvedic massage
-Ayurvedic marma massage
-Kerala traditional floor massage
-Lympatic massage
-Ayurvedic head massage
-Indo-thai massage
-Foot massage
-Herbal massage
-Facial massage
-Different types of facials
(It is also possible to do workshop for all kinds of Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatments. But it depends on the availability of the products)

Yoga Session

* Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga
* Hatha yoga
* Power yoga
* Kundalini Yoga
* Laughter Yoga
* Tantra Yoga
* Facial Yoga
* Kriya Yoga
* Prana yoga
* Different types of Osho meditation

Consultation and treatment:

* Obesity
* Depression
* Migraine
* Insomnia
* bodily pain
* Thyroid disease
* Addiction
* Anxiety
* Panic disorder
* Personality disorder
* Memory loss
* Childhood psychosomatic disorder
* All kinds of psychosomatic diseases

Energy Healing Session:

* Spiritual healing
* Pranic healing
* Psychotherapy
* Yogic energy healing
* Angel healing
* Star Purple healing
* Mudra healing
* Crystal healing
* Psychic self defense

Online Session

* Online Consultation
* Distance Energy Healing
* Online Yoga
* Online workshop(Tantra Yoga, Mudra Healing, Yoga Therapy)

Phone: Whatsapp
+380 98 650 1937 (Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber)