Online Consultation

The world is changing, and so is the way we view health care.
No matter where you are across the globe, we are here to help.
Online consulting provides you with the flexibility to receive guidance from the comfort of your own home.
Get online consultation from specialist Naturopathic doctor from India.

During that consultation, your naturopathic doctor may talk to you about the following:

*Any symptoms you may be experiencing
*Your healthcare goals
*Review of any blood work, ultrasound, or other lab tests
*Changes to your supplement regimen
*Changes to your lifestyle
*Changes to your diet
*Questions you may have about your health/treatment plan that involve more than a yes or no answer.

Benefits Of Online Naturopathic Consultations

*More accessible and convenient access to care
*Less cost
*Flexibility in scheduling
*No side effect
*100% Natural way
*Safe & secure
*Work on any device
*Free Follow up up to two weeks

Online Follow-Up Consultation

Your Naturopath will seek to understand exactly what symptoms are bothering you the most. They may complete a lifestyle and diet assessment and offer prescription of supplementation. If you have any past pathology results, these may be reviewed. During this meeting, a Body Constitution Analysis will be performed to assess your body type and allow you the opportunity to discuss any basis for imbalances. Thereafter, the practitioner may guide you on how to balance your diet and life style according to your body type.
Information we need in connection with the Consultation:

– Medical History
– Family Medical History
– Daily Habits and Diet Routine
– Body Constitution

You are going to get after the Consultation:

*Diet chart
*Suggestions for Natural treatments( Herbal treatments, Traditional treatments, Breathing exercise, etc.)
*Life style program chart
*Follow up
*Relief from the diseases

Consultation fees: 70dollar
Duration: 60 minutes and follow up
Payment through PayPal

About Doctor:

Dr. Prasad T R
*M.Sc(Yoga & Naturopathy)
*Post Graduation in Yoga & Naturopathy
*Diploma in Yoga & Nature cure
*Diploma in Ayurveda Panchakarma
*Diploma in Psychotherapy

*14 years experience
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+380 98650 1937
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