Tantra Yoga Online Workshop

Tantra Yoga Online Workshop

✅Tantra yoga is about enhancing your self-awareness and deepening your connection to your own energy and body. As you become more in touch with yourself, you encourage spiritual and physical growth and wellbeing. Tantric yoga links many meditative and yogic practices together. The goal is to give you a deeper understanding of yourself and to promote feelings of self-love and acceptance. Tantra is divided into white and red. White tantra is the kind you practice solo through a blend of meditation and yoga. Red tantra relates to sex.


*Improved quality of life
*Increased capacity for intimacy
*Increase self-esteem
*Provide Mental Clarity
*Have more confidence about your sexuality

✅About session:

*Physical movements
*Tantric kriyas
*Tantric Pranayama
*Energy activation
*Self realization
*Tantric visualization

✅Language : English

✅Media : Zoom

✅Who can join

Yoga practitioners and who know the basic principles of yoga, those over 30 years of age and those who do not have significant physical ailments.

✅Previous Session:
26.04.22, 27.04.22, 28.04.22
23.05.22, 25.05.22, 26.05.22
23.06.22, 24.06.22, 25.06.22
25.07.22, 26.07.22, 27.07.22

✅Next Session:

✅Date and Time:
25.10.22, 26.10.22, 27.10.22
20.00 – 23.00 (Ukraine Time)

✅Course fees: 200Euro
✅Free follow up
✅Free consultation

✅Reservation only after free Consultation

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